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Doddl cutlery is transforming family mealtimes. Thoroughly researched and tested alongside child development specialists Doddl has been designed specifically to help children eat independently with ease. 
Our unique design helps children develop hand eye coordination, build confidence and dexterity, meaning less mess and less stress at family mealtimes. 
The innovative handles and expertly placed, colourful soft touch areas encourage your child to intuitively open up their fingers and ‘pinch’ the cutlery helping them progress from the basic palmar grip to the more advanced ‘pincer grip’ needed for writing and drawing.  Using Doddl cutlery, your child will soon enjoy feeding themselves with ease, and thanks to our unique safe knife design they can also enjoy cutting and preparing food with you, all whilst developing the skills they'll need to successfully move on to adult cutlery.

Categories:  Food & Feeding