Indi Mamma

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Indi Mamma is a new and unique brand bringing relevant and much needed products and information to British Asian parents. For most British Asian women, being pregnant often means being in style limbo when it comes to Asian maternity wear, wearing clothes two sizes too big to be comfortable, rather than what looks good. Unlike western maternity wear and nursing wear, which is available from most high street chains and online, when it comes to Asian maternity wear – it’s pretty much unheard of. Now that Indi Mamma Maternity and Nursing wear has launched, British Asian women finally have access to a range of clothing in traditional ethnic styles allowing them to wear comfortable and trendy outfits throughout each stage of pregnancy. And once baby is born, the range of Salwar Kameezes and Kurta Tops have been designed with unique, discreet features that allow mums to nurse their baby easily.