Lullaby Shades Limited

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Multi Award Winning Lullaby Shades designed to help little one sleep in their buggy. An ideal way of maintaining sleep routines on shopping trips, days out, restaurants visits and holidays, helping parents experience stress-free outings. Simply plug in your phone or MP3 player to play music, white noise or womb noises to help baby drift off to sleep and stay asleep longer by blocking external noises.  Our unique safety features ensure there’s no safer shade you can buy.

  • Dual purpose “Cool Flow Vents” allow baby’s body heat to escape. As the warmer air rises out, cooler air is pulled in ensuring excellent air flow throughout, these also allow for CO2 that baby breathes out, to escape ensuring ultimate safety always.
  • Exclusive and specifically selected fabric, is 60% more breathable than the market leader.
  • “SeeMe!” reflectors ensure excellent visibility on darker evenings    
  • Protection from the elements, annoying bugs and noisy distractions.  
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