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Pourty remove the stress and mess of potty training with their practical, award-winning and simple product designs. Pourty Potty (the potty that pours), Flexi-Fit Training Seat (adjusts to fit the toilet seat with no wobble) and the Up Step (taller and non-slip) make potty training easier for parents by taking away the fuss and keeping it clean.  Pourty products are also appealing and fun for children. They are available in a selection of trendy colours including a new grey range fronted by the lovable Peepy the Penguin, joining Pourty Cat in his potty training adventures! Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive for comfort, sturdiness and usability.  The Pourty Cradle Cap Massage Brush is fast becoming the “must have” product to combat cradle cap. It’s soft yet firm bristles are having amazing results to the delight of those parents who wish to see off those crusty flakes!   

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