Taste n Tell

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The Taste 'n' Tell REAL System is a unique new way to teach your child to sample and enjoy new healthy food. The scientifically proven system uses a combination of food sampling , role model characters and rewards to provide a fun and multi sensorial experience.

The Taste ‘n’ Tell: Discovering Food Series features 10 books dedicated to ‘making kids' food fun’. Our stories are told in fun rhyming couplets describing the adventures of a variety of characters, collectively known as the Taste 'n' Tell Crew. In the first series, the characters, together with the reader, each embark on a journey and discover their favourite foods to eat. The Taste 'n' Tell series has been designed primarily for the pre-school and early school age groups. The books allow young readers to explore food in a way that encourages the use of all the senses, promotes healthy eating and inspires an enjoyment of reading.

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