Pain Relief During Labour By Marie Louise

Thursday 28th January

“It's going to hurt” is the response I usually get when I ask my patients about their plans for labour care. I cannot deny that labour is painful.

A Febrile Seizure Explained By British Red Cross

Thursday 1st October

Did you know that 1 in 20 children will have a febrile seizure? Yet when asked 65% of parents said they did not know what a febrile seizure was.

Britax Baby Show – Bin The Booster

Tuesday 1st September


Britax urges parents to bin the booster!

Top Tips From Clare Byam-Cook

Wednesday 8th October

Top Tips for Breastfeeding

Top Tips for The Baby Show Breastfeeding is not always as easy as everyone makes out and some mothers experience difficulties in the early days when they are trying to get breastfeeding established.