Clemmie Hooper

Clemmie Hooper is a practising midwife, blogger and hugely popular insta-mum.

Clemmie gained her qualifications at the University of the West of England in 2006 and started a career in midwifery at Southmead Maternity Unit where her she developed an interest in active labour and water birth. Following a move to London after the birth of her first daughter, Anya, Clemmie spent time working briefly at Kingston Hospital before taking a new role at King’s College Hospital on the labour ward, one of the busiest units in the country. After several years of working on the wards, Clemmie joined The Lanes community midwife team as she wanted to do more than just support women through the act of birth and give care through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Now, over a decade after qualifying, Clemmie is a community based midwife, writes a successful blog ( and works with local women’s groups to provide information and guidance on pregnancy and post-natal care. Clemmie lives with her four daughters and husband (Simon Cooper @father_of_daughters) in South London.

Clemmie’s blog ‘Gas and Air’ and Instagram @mother_of_daughters has gained her a vast following among a new generation of modern mums. (210K followers) Clemmie’s husband Simon @father_of_daughters is also a high ranking insta-Dad with a huge fanbase (469k followers).

Clemmie’s debut book How to Grow A Baby (and Push It Out), published 2 February by Vermilion is the only book of it’s kind written by a practising NHS midwife, a unique week-by week pregnancy companion written for a whole new generation of modern maverick mums.

Clemmie will be speaking on The Baby Show Stage with MadeForMums on Saturday 4th March, followed by a book signing. 

Twitter: @modaughters 

Instagram: @mother_of_daughters