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WITH A PASSION FOR ERGONOMICS  The comfortable, moulded kneeling cushion for bathing kids – no more sore knees, sore backs and dirty wet towels to kneel on while we bath our kiddies! Any parent knows how agonising and uncomfortable bath time can be but it’s also potentially great bonding time. The KNEEPAL let’s you kneel down to your child’s level […]  This unique and highly sought after product was initially conceived by the founder, Ingrid Conroy, who through enduring countless uncomfortable hours bathing her grandchildren, happened upon the idea to alter the ergonomics of kneeling forever! Together with her husband and daughter, and their drive for the perfect fit, the product took the trio three factories and four years before it was eventually to their satisfaction and ready for everyone to enjoy!  “We’ve finally got a product we’re proud of. I think every mom deserves one!” — Founder, Ingrid Conroy