Lotus Maternity

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The provider of premium quality, naturally sourced and unique UK made clothing, designed by midwives for mothers: Lotus maternity has developed a premium range of British made nursing tops using bamboo fibre material; the equivalent to cotton of what cashmere is to wool.   For a super soft, gentle touch, sensitive to both you and your baby, bamboo has the added benefit of antibacterial and moisture absorbing properties to help you feel dry and comfortable, day or night. This gorgeous, stretch jersey flatters your figure and complements your individual style!   The chiffon outer layer provides the perfect nurturing environment for breast feeding with its transparency allowing you to check correct attachment, whilst maintaining the upmost discretion for you.  Our designs  ensure effortless outfits made from luxury fabrics  to make you feel fabulous whatever the occasion ; as your social life doesn't  need to stop just because you're breastfeeding!

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