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Nobu Baby is dedicated to the respiratory care of your family from birth to adulthood, offering exceptional nasal aspirators (snot suckers) and nasal sprays. Babies and some young children can only breathe through their noses, so for a good feed and sleep, little stuffy noses need to be as clear as possible. Nobu Baby natural seawater sprays without propellant gases keep the nasal passages congestion-free and hydrated while the aspirators deal with blockages and offer instant relief – for everyone. You can choose sprays with specially designed heads for babies who are lying down or sprays with propolis (nature’s disinfectant) and those enriched with mint&eucalyptus which are favoured by hay-fever sufferers. Nobu Baby nasal aspirators are so unique we invite you to guess how they match the effectiveness of the hospital aspirator, just quote “humble hoover” at our stand. Alternatively, let us treat you to a speedy demonstration!

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