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“Pssst… I’m Mia & I’m a Skwibbler. Well, my Mummy & Daddy are really! Skwibblers are Mummies & Daddies who use Skwibble to record all the funny stories, treasured photos and exciting milestones of their kids.” Skwibble is the place where parents can safely and securely post those wonderful memories created with their children. Once you’ve uploaded enough content, you can produce a beautiful personalised book to look back on and enjoy for years to come!  Don’t see your friends and family miss out on your child growing up! Create closed-networks – or ‘Playpens’ and allow your nearest and dearest to share and contribute in the joy of your little ones’ early years too. Never forget the changes your child goes through by recording regular photos in the Photo Journal; and don’t worry you’ll never miss a smile as Skwibble will remind you when it’s time to add your next photo!