Dr Julie Coultas

Dr Julie Coultas is an evolutionary social psychologist with a particular interest in education as well as being VTech's expert in play, learning and development. Julie will be speaking on The Baby Show Stage with MadeForMums on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd October about Play, Exploration and Learning.The aim of the talk is to reassure parents, future parents and even grandparents that babies develop differently. All babies go through the same stages but at a slightly different pace. For example, all babies sit up before they can walk and babble before they can talk.Physical Development & Cognitive DevelopmentAll babies develop differently so don’t be too worried it your baby cannot do exactly what another baby of his or her age can do.Social and emotional developmentBabies are born into a social world to which they have to adapt. Babies love looking at faces. They also like to look at other babies! They respond to emotions (e.g. a smiling or frowning face) at a very early age. During the first year babies will begin to use other people’s emotional responses to guide them in how to behave. Do you notice your baby watching you?Language developmentBabies understand a lot before they can talk. If babies are given the opportunity to communicate through for example a type of ‘Baby Sign Language’ they can tell you when they are in discomfort, tired, upset, or hungry. One very important point when thinking about how your baby learns to talk – you need to be looking at the same thing when you name an object. This type of joint activity between the parent and child has been shown to help language development.Play and learningPlaying and interacting with your baby is the most important gift that you can give to them. Babies and children learn a lot through play and interaction. Play is an important form of parental investment that can help your child’s social development.You can also meet Julie at the VTech stand (E70) and have the opportunity to ask her any questions you may have about your little ones development. Julie will be at the VTech Stand on Friday and Saturday throughout the day.