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KeriKit means that women don’t just take on the world as mothers and businesswomen, they do it in style. The idea behind KeriKit is a simple one: You are not one-dimensional. So why is your changing bag? You need a versatile bag that caters for your individual lifestyle, that is your faithful friend by your side throughout your day, multitasking alongside you and keeping you effortlessly organised. KeriKit’s award-winning luxury leather handbags combine quality, functionality and impeccable style to offer the only handbags that cater for motherhood. From hospital-bag to changing-bag, handbag to work bag, KeriKit is with you every step of the way so you can raise the next generation in style. And when your little ones aren't so little any more KeriKit changes with you. Whether you’re carrying Sudocrem with your sports gear or nappies with your notebook, be effortlessly organised with KeriKit – your versatile bag for life.

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