Michela Chiappa

Michela and Emi Chiappa are Welsh/Italian cooks, presenters and authors.  Growing up in the Welsh Valley's to Italian parents, Italian traditions were an important way of life and cooking is at the heart of The Chiappa's upbringing. Italian being their first language, the sisters were involved in the kitchen as soon as they could walk and talk. Passionate about the importance of fresh, wholesome, home cooking, the girls like to demonstrate how anyone can juggle fresh home-made food with a busy life.

Following the success of a C4 series and best-selling book Simply Italian, the girls started to have their own family. Michela has 2 girls called Fiamma (4yrs) and Serafina (2yrs) and Emi also has 2 girls, Fiorenza (2yrs) and Grazia (5 months). When faced with the challenges of weaning, they started to do lots of researched and were overwhelmed by the hugely contradictory advice that was available - especially advice which was so different from Italy and the UK. Also, lots of recipes available to new mums were quite complex or time consuming and with busy lives, the girls were determined to simplify things.

So with the help of some of Jamie Oliver's nutritionists, they have created the ultimate weaning book - it is a simple practical guide for busy parents. Lots of no-cook purees and the fool proof Baby Brodino has been a huge hit with their kids. Also, keen to wean their kids like Italians, they believe that by 1yr your baby should be eating variations of the family meal saving you time, money and avoiding picky eaters.

Baby At The Table is the ultimate book for first time parents and packed with practical advice for weaning. Plus, it's a book that will grow with you as it goes on to share lots of easy recipes that will feed baby plus the whole family. All recipes can be prepped in under 15mins and there are yummy dishes for everyone to enjoy.  'One Family One Meal' is their philosophy.

The girls also host a YouTube channel posting weaning recipes for anyone to follow.  They also work regularly with Jamie Oliver and have a blog with more advice for parents at www.thechiappas.com


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