Milli Hill

Milli Hill is a writer, who lives in Somerset UK with her partner and three small children. In 2012 she set up The Positive Birth Movement (PBM), a global network of free antenatal groups, with the aim of improving childbirth and giving women better access to support and information. When she started the PBM, she confesses she didn't fully anticipate the huge appetite among women for more positive information about birth. What started as a small idea quickly became a global phenomenon, with over 400 groups established around the globe. Her latest book, The Positive Birth Book, brings the same positive message - that birth really matters to women, that it can be empowering, inspiring and life-enhancing, and above all, that they can do it! 

As well as running the PBM, she also writes for various publications about all things birth, breastfeeding and motherhood. For over two years she wrote a popular column on these topics for Best magazine, and she's now a columnist for Telegraph Women. In her life before children, she trained and worked as a Dramatherapist (a form of creative psychotherapy), and she often brings this grounding in the psychology of human development to her work and writing. Milli is also a fledging doula, although her own small children, and the rapid growth of the PBM, have prevented her doing much 'doula-ing' - for now!

Milli will be speaking at The Baby Show Stage with MadeForMums at 2.30pm everyday of the show about how you can approach birth with positivity and confidence.