Penny Price Aromatherapy

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In 1974 Penny’s mother Shirley became interested in aromatherapy in order to treat her own mother who had arthritis. After many training courses, including some abroad, Shirley set up as an aromatherapist, blending and creating her own creams for customers in her busy hairdressing and beauty salon. She went on to found Shirley Price Aromatherapy.

Penny and her brother Matthew were soon involved and were helping with mixing creams and filling pots. Penny’s interest grew and she decided at the age of 22 to be an aromatherapist. In 1986, Shirley’s company had grown enormously into a training school and product manufacturing plant and Penny trained as a teacher to take on the role as College Tutor.

After many successful years in business, Shirley and her husband Len sold the company to enable them to retire. Shortly afterwards Penny Price Aromatherapy was founded.