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Founded by two mothers and sisters, whose babies suffered from colic, multi-award winning Whisbear The Humming Bear is not only a unique cuddly soft toy but, above all, it is an innovative sleep aid that helps newborns with a smooth transition from a prenatal to postnatal life by recreating soothing sounds of the womb. It helps babies fall asleep quicker, extend their sleep periods and establish nighttime routine. 

Whisbear is the first sleep aid featuring the CRYsensor, an intelligent device that automatically activates calming pink noise (a smoother and more gentle type of white noise) when your baby starts crying. 

Whisbear is also, thanks to its rustling paws and ears and colourful and contrasting fabrics, a great sensory toy that promotes both - fine motor and sensory development skills. Its paws contain magnets so it easily attaches to cots, prams, car seats. It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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