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Attipas are a new type of sock-shoes made in South Korea and have been designed after seven years’ research & development in conjunction with the Motor Development Center at Seoul State University.

Their design is based on kinetic and physio-dynamic tests of toddlers' walking. Attipas shoes facilitate cognitive development by enabling the toddler to feel the ground beneath their feet and respond to that stimulus. Attipas corrects toddlers’ walking behaviour by equally distributing the pressure across the soles of the feet.  It is well known that the best choice for fast and correct development of babies’ feet is walking barefoot. But due to natural and social circumstances, our babies cannot keep their feet bare all the time. This is why the Attipas line of shoes for infants and toddlers was created. Attipas are the world's first combined indoor and outdoor functional shoes for toddlers and babies under 4 years old.

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