MadeForMums Buggy Testing Track

Stop by the MadeForMums Buggy Testing Track to try out a range of buggies on different surfaces and features.

It's the best way to help find the right pushchair for you!


So why a buggy testing track?

MadeForMums is the UK's biggest and most comprehensive parenting reviews site – they love to help mums and dads make confident choices.

We’re delighted that MadeForMums is headline sponsors of The Baby Show! MadeforMums has bought the two brands together and so the Buggy Testing Track is born... because although they’ve got thousands of amazing reviews online (link to, the one thing you can't do on a mobile screen is push a pushchair. So they’ve created the MadeForMums buggy testing track, where parents can push, fold and compare the buggies of their dreams on a range of different textures and surfaces.