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The Bshirt is revolutionary new breastfeeding top that empowers women to breastfeed confidently in public by keeping their tummy and boobs covered while wearing their favourite clothes. The Bshirt:

  • Can be worn on its own or as an undergarment
  • Enables mothers to wear their own clothes
  • Has no ties, clips, or fuss
  • Is ethically manufactured with organic cotton

The Bshirt increases confidence breastfeeding in public and at home: in their survey, 87% of women felt more confident breastfeeding in front of others while wearing their Bshirt. 

The Bshirt is easy to use - just lift the flap to feed your baby and keep your belly and decolletage covered: “It’s really easy to give baby access!” Natasha N

The Bshirt saves mums money because it adapts their whole wardrobe to breastfeed in: “The Bshirt allowed me to wear low cut tunics and dresses which I couldn't normally wear while breastfeeding” Natalie W

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