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Mother Pukka & Papa Pukka

Meet The Pukkas. Mother Pukka (aka Anna Whitehouse) and Papa Pukka (aka Matt Farquharson) began blogging and vlogging their parenting experiences two years ago and have become a lifeline for parents everywhere. Their hilarious podcast, Dirty Mother Pukka, debuted at number 3 in the UK podcast charts this summer and they have more than 150,000 followers on social media.


The Mother Pukka portal uses humour and cold reality to explain the pressure of sharing your life and home with tiny humans, helping tens of thousands to feel less self critical and more connected. Anna and Matt offer reassurance, support and inspiration. Their motto – ‘parenting the sh*t out of life’ – has become a familiar phrase on social media, hashtagged more than 33,000 times by their loyal and growing fanbase.


Mother Pukka, aka Anna Whitehouse, was a creative copywriter for The L’Oreal Group before becoming a full time vlogger in 2015. Papa Pukka, aka Matt Farquharson, is a journalist and editor. They married in 2010 and together they have two children; Mae who is 4 and Eve who is 3 months old.


Anna says: “The phrase ‘parenting the sh*t out of life’ came to me at 3am as I was trying and failing to breastfeed through mastitis-addled boobs. I found half a Kit Kat behind one of the many un-thumbed parenting guides I’d bought and thought ‘that’s all I need. A little unexpected pick-me-up as I navigate this life/body/mind-altering time.’ That was all it took: two Kit Kat fingers and an ability to laugh more than I was crying. That’s when I realised I was, despite the dodgy boobs and hallucinogenic exhaustion, parenting the sh*t out of life.”


Matt says: “We started blogging because we were frustrated by the flurry of guilt-inducing bum-guff that is directed at modern parents. This is our effort to fight back a little bit and reassure parents and parents-to-be that they too might be parenting the sh*t out of life even if they don’t know it yet.”

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Part memoir and part guide, Parenting the Sh*t Out of Life is the first parenting book to tell the story from both the mother’s and the father’s perspective. In this dual narrative, each chapter is written half by Anna and half by Matt, revealing the highs, lows and hilarity of the modern parenting experience. From the heartbreaking loss of miscarriage to their campaign for more flexible working for UK parents, to picking your partner, bonking with intent (getting pregnant) and the realities of splashdown (the birth), this is a book the tackles the light and dark of parenting and relationships, and will make tears and laughter flow in equal measure.

See Mother & Papa Pukka on The Baby Show Stage with MadeForMums on Sunday 22 October at 1.15pm, followed by a book signing on Speaker's Corner at 2.00pm.