How To Help Your Child With First Aid First

Thursday 3rd May

British Red Cross

Recent research by the British Red Cross has found that falls and fevers are two of the main reasons parents take their children to A&E. Not surprising really, as bumps to the head and fevers are really quite common when little ones are involved.

Five Golden Rules For Holidaying With Babies And Young Children

Thursday 3rd May

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Andrea Grace is one of the UK's leading child sleep experts and will be speaking on The Baby Show Stage with MadeForMums on Friday 18th May. Andrea has provided five golden rules for holidaying with babies and young children, perfect for the Bank Holiday! 

Positions for Birth by NCT

Tuesday 27th February

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The Care Quality Commission recently published its survey of women’s experiences of maternity services. There was a lot of good news: the findings showed that women have more choice over where they give birth and are more likely to have antenatal appointments with a midwife they know and trust. 

How To Start Reading With Your Baby by Amanda Overend

Wednesday 14th February

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Sharing books with your baby can be a really special time for both of you, but how do you introduce books to your baby?

Amanda Overend from Books & Pieces shares six simple tips that will help you start reading with your baby…

The New Parents' Guide to Sleep by NCT

Wednesday 7th February

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When you find out you’re going to be a parent, one of the first things other parents will say to you is to ‘say goodbye to those lie-ins’ and the luxury of sleep. Get ready for a change, because the undisturbed sleep you may have been used to before you started your family will be very different from the amount you get afterwards.

Nutrition Pre & Post Pregnancy By Annabel Karmel

Wednesday 4th October

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Pregnancy is often seen as a time to forget the diets and eat what you like but, this is the time to get ahead and ensure you are eating a nutritious and balanced diet to give your baby the best start. And, it doesn’t stop when your beautiful baby says hello to the world - diet and nutrition are just as important.

Where will you choose to give birth? Birth choices and labour by NCT

Wednesday 27th September

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Giving birth in the UK is generally very safe wherever you choose to have your baby. The choice you have about where to have your baby will depend on what you want, the need for any medical support you may have and, to some extent, on where you live.

How To Talk To Babies By Dr. Titzer

Thursday 14th September

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Did you know that during the first two years of life, about 75% of the infant brain is forming? The number of brain synapses related to language learning actually peaks before 11 months of age. This is a significant window of opportunity for babies to learn languages.  World renowned Infant Researcher Dr. Bob Titzer shares his top tips to help baby language development.

How To Help A Baby Who Is Choking By British Red Cross

Wednesday 10th May

British Red Cross

We all hope our little ones will never choke or need any kind of emergency help – but by learning some simple, easy-to-remember first aid, you can feel confident that you could help your baby should you ever need to.

Skin Care And Maintenance By Childs Farm

Tuesday 9th May

Childs Farm

Historically, skin was one of the last things a parent would concern themselves with.  Yes, baby’s skin needed more respect, but all in all it was easy to maintain.